Friday, April 17, 2009

Why SEMFO Global Plan?

1. Contemporary subject and theories of Economics presented by economists, experts, officials etc have been failed which led to the recent global economic recession. Therefore there is need to restructure the overall worldwide economic system based on ground realities. I challenge that my SEMFO Global Plan is the best and only replacement.

2. You need the best analysis and advice to avert the recession risk
Besides providing its own introduced SEMFO Global Plan based strategy, SGPP avails the services of local and international consultants and experts who have extensive experience applying sophisticated state-of-the-art economic tools and methods such as:

• socio-economic management
• budget making (deficit free theory)
• benefit-cost analysis
• input-output analysis
• tariff and pricing models
• financial statement modeling
• discounted cash flow
• net present value/adjusted present value/dynamic present value
• econometrics
• simulation

3. You need analysis and advice that is based on your country's economic environment, industry, your decision options and your opportunities.

SGPP provides specialized and innovative research based plan in providing economic advisory services to the energy, infrastructure, food, environmental and financial services sectors.

4. Your staff needs to improve their economic decision-making capabilities
SGPP provides SEMFO Global Plan based courses and training in strategic decision-making, financial literacy, project economics, financial analysis and socio-economic management and business assessment. Participants would appreciate these courses highly for their comprehensiveness, brevity, rigor, ease of understanding, and rapid deployment capability.

5. You need analysis and advice you can use immediately and wisely, SGPP's plans are clear, comprehensive, geared to implementation and workable.

6. You need analysis and advice that meets your schedule, budget and priorities

SGPP always meets plan or project requirements on time and on budget. Our clients will be more than happy to confirm that. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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