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Saeed Abbasi again offers government to help in getting budgetary support

Attention: Mr.Shuakat Tarin,
Honorable Federal Adivisor to the Prime Minister on Finance,
Government of Pakistan.

Honorable Sir,

This moderator Saeed Khan Abbasi once again offers his SEMFO Global Plan based services to the federal government in the face of your recent announcement regarding the $4bn's budgetary support which you seek from Friends of Pakistan forum(an international donor set up).

I have already annoyunced and offered in November 2008 to help Pakistan in crucial recession situation and to obtain adequate funding through my suggested strategy without relying on the IMF and other donor agencies.As I have offred and challenged before and again I offer and challenge that:

@ Through my SEMFO Global Plan based strategy I can enable Pakistan to arrange around $25bn to $35bn for a long term period besides enabling Pakistn's next budget DEFICIT Free despite stern conditions.


Following is the news text of Mr.Shuakat Tarin's press conference of Monday, April 13,2009.

Pakistan to seek $4bn budgetary support from FoDP: Tarin

Says militancy caused closure of 22,000 industrial units in NWFP, Balochistan

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
By Khalid Mustafa

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan will seek $2 billion for security related projects; $4 billion as budgetary support for health and education for next years and $1-2 billion for Trust Fund to cater to development needs of NWFP and Balochistan, said Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Shaukat Tarin

Flanked with Federal Information Minister Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira, Tarin during the press briefing on Meeting of Friends of Democratic Pakistan here on Monday said that Pakistan having sustained $35 billion loss in the war on terror during last 7 to 8 years will sensitise the Friends about worsening law and order situation that has arisen out of fight against militancy.

He mentioned that because of the increase in militancy, some 2,200 industrial units in terrorism-hit NWFP and troubled Balochistan have been closed down and about 590 units are in operational form.

“This has triggered huge poverty in the said federating units, which has given impetus in militants’ activities in general in the whole country and in particular in NWFP.” Tarin said: “During the FODP and Donors moot, broad based problems of Pakistan will be identified.”

Pakistan diverted huge resources from other sectors of economy to fight war on terror, which is why main social sectors of education, health and projects to erase poverty remained neglected.

Pakistan is in dire need of $4bn for allocating maximum budgetary allocation for education and health, which will ultimately help erode the poverty. “Pakistan is at present spending 15pc of GDP on education while 0.5 to 0.6pc of GDP on health which is very low while India is spending 4 to 5pc of GDP on health and education.”

He said that on security front, Pakistan needs Special Forces equipped with latest equipment and training to deal with militants, as the conventional forces of Pakistan do not have capacity to deal with this menace.

To a question he said that Pakistan would seek $2 billion for security related schemes. He said that because of the ongoing war Pakistan has now about 300,000 Internally Displaced People who need to be taken care of properly, but Pakistan lacks resources to handle IDPs.

When his attention was drawn to the fact that donors are ready to come up with about 60 billion dollars commitments but they want the transparency of international standards to gauge the right utilization of funds, Tarin said that Pakistan would ensure the transparency in utilisation of funds and good governance while getting the commitment of about $30 billion for medium to long terms partnership for development in various sectors of economy.

The advisor said that Pakistan needs to get its house in order and the commitment for transparency and good governance has been included in the 9-point agenda, which Pakistan would share from FoDP.

Coming to the initiative that the government is undertaking to address the poverty, safety nets would be ensured under Benazir Income Support Program. For this purpose, with the help of World Bank, poverty census has been initiated in about 16 districts.

“Once this process gets completed, every house which falls in the poverty census will be given Benzair Card of Rs1,000 per month. Moreover one person of the said house will also be given skill keeping in view the needs of their particular areas so that he could get the jobs there. The skill development would also be given for overseas employment.

“This will help reduce the poverty in the country.” He said that Health Insurance of Rs20,000 for below poverty people would be introduced.
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National Bloggers Conference-2009, the ever first bloggers' event in South-Asia and Pakistan was held on Saturday, April 18,2009 in Karachi. Ministry of Information Technology Sindh was organizing body of the said event. Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Dr.Farooq Sattar was the Chief Guest and spoke well on the event to explain his ministry's initiatives for bloggers so that this new and most effective medium in the cyber world could be utilized well.

Speaking on the occasion the provincial minister for the Information Technology Raza Haroon emphasized the need of blogging in the modern era. He assured the bloggers for his maximum cooperation in this regard.

Pakistani Bloggers including the President of Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) Ms. Jehan Ara gave presentations on the different aspects of blogging. A Question and Answers session was carried at the event too, putting different queries regarding the present and future of blogging in Pakistan.

Young IT expert Ali Chisti and his co-host did an excellent job as HOSTS of that great event.

I participated the conference and discussed some fruitful issues with participants of the conference.

Starting Follow up of the G-20 London Summit 2009

G-20 London Summit 2009 emphasised on the STABILITY-GROWTH-JOBS slogan

Look at the following news:


Thursday, April 2nd 2009 - 10:15 pm UTC

G-20 agrees on 1.1 trillion USD and tougher rules to tackle global crisis
Leaders of the world’s largest economies have reached an agreement to tackle the global financial crisis with measures worth 1.1 trillion US dollars.

To help countries with troubled economies, the resources available to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be tripled to 750 billion. There will also be sanctions against secretive tax havens and tougher global financial regulation.

And the G20 has committed about 250 billion to boost global trade.

President Barack Obama said the summit could mark a "turning point" in the pursuit of economic recovery and made progress in reforming a "failed regulatory system".

"By any measure the London summit was historic. It was historic because of the size and the scope of the challenges that we face and because of the timeliness and the magnitude of our response," he said.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown said there was "no quick fix" for the world economy but there was a commitment to do whatever was necessary.

"This is the day that the world came together to fight back against the global recession, not with words, but with a plan for global recovery and for reform and with a clear timetable for its delivery," Mr Brown said.

The deal was announced shortly before the European stock markets closed and gave leading indexes a significant boost. London's FTSE 100 index of leading shares ended 4.3% higher. In Paris, the Cac 40 jumped 5.4% and in Frankfurt, the Dax rose 6%.

On behalf of the G20, Mr Brown announced the following steps:

Bankers' pay and bonuses will be subject to stricter controls
A new Financial Stability Board will be set up to work with the IMF to ensure co-operation across borders and provide an early warning mechanism for the financial system
There will be greater regulation of hedge funds and credit ratings agencies
A common approach to cleaning up banks' toxic assets has been agreed
The world's poorest countries will receive 100 billion extra aid.
G20 countries are already implementing the biggest economic stimulus "the world has ever seen" - an injection of 5 trillion by the end of next year.
The IMF has been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the G20 summit. The resources it has to help troubled economies will be increased to 500 billion. An overdraft facility will also be increased to 250 billion (in the IMF currency, so-called Special Drawing Rights) that all members can call upon.

Mr Brown said the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development would publish a list of tax havens later on Thursday and actions would be taken against those that did not comply with international rules. "We have agreed tough standards and sanctions for use against those who don't come into line in the future," he said.

President Obama was said to have played a key role in brokering the agreement, resolving differences between France and China on tax havens. Another G20 summit will be held later this year to check on progress.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that the conclusions of the G20 summit were "more than we could have hoped for". Earlier, there had been suggestions of rifts between France and Germany and the US and the UK.

The US and UK emphasised the need for public spending to ease the crisis while France and Germany were keen for tougher financial regulation. Mr Sarkozy had threatened to walk out of the meeting if it did not yield concrete results. German Chancellor Angela Merkel also praised the outcome.

She said the new measures would give the world a "clearer financial market architecture" and the agreement was "a very, very good, almost historic compromise". Her finance minister, Peer Steinbrueck, said he was pleased that the G20 statement did not oblige states to launch further economic stimulus packages.

The G20 countries have pledged 100 billion USD in aid for developing countries, more than expected. The money will be dispensed through multilateral lenders such as the Asian Development Bank.

The measure that could make the most difference in the short term for the poorest countries is the availability of 250 billion of trade credit, says BBC international development correspondent David Loyn. It will enable goods currently rotting on the quayside in Africa to move again, he says.

BBC business editor Robert Peston said the tougher financial regulation announced by the G20 was a significant step. He said it sounded the death knell for the freewheeling Anglo-American way of banking and conducting financial markets. However, he said the measures would not get the world out of recession overnight.

About SEMFO Global Plan Project (SGPP)

SEMFO Global Plan Project (SGPP) provides socio-economic analysis and decision support strategy based services to help you make the most excellent and updated socio-economic or business decisions. SGPP uses innovative SEMFO Global Plan structured to maximize an economic stability, and in case of business a possible return on investment even during the recession.
Salient features of SEMFO Global Plan:

@ SEMFO Global Plan has been announced in the face of recent domestic & international economic recession that happened during November 2008 and onward.

@ Through SEMFO Global Plan, it is possible to take any economy/country or organization out of even bad recession situation ranking them among the top class successful competitors.

@ SEMFO Global Plan is able to over come financial/trade deficit despite stern conditions by enabling extensive liquidity (funding) strength of a country or organization.

@ SEMFO Global Plan can enable any country or organization to make their budget Deficit Free and covering some new or emerging markets/clients etc.

@ SEMFO Global Plan would work on Energy, Food and Poverty Reduction, thereby exploring more benefits and business generating possibilities for a country or organization worldwide.

@ SEMFO Global Plan is an effective tool for domestic, regional and international lobbying and image building for a specific country or organization.

We enable your country or organization to:

• Adopt a complete recession proof strategy, opening new horizons of economic development and markets, particularly to utilize the new strategy in Energy, Food and Poverty reduction.

• Draft and operate new or on-going plans/ projects to mitigate risk and maximize investment return.
• Develop new economic or business strategies in order to overcome the uncertainties in your economy or business environment.
• Provide formal reports and expert testimony to meet regulatory requirements.
• Introduce your country or products and services locally and all over the world with an effective lobbying & image building strategy.
• Value environmental impacts and assess economic sustainability.
• Justify plans/projects
o to corporate and political leaders
o to local & foreign financial institutions/donors
o to public stakeholders
• Meet local and international socio-economic or business criteria of banks and international financial institutions, you have to interact with for your funding/liquidity requirements.
• Train your experts or staff how to understand the on-going socio-economic or financial business plans, evaluate the economics of projects and make strategic socio-economic and business decisions.

SEMFO Developmental Sectors Offering:

SEMFO Global Plan focuses on the four very important segments of an ideal and sustainable Economic Development, which are:

1) Physical Infrastructure 2) Energy & Power 3) Tele-Communication 4) Information Technology

Development activities and services are available in the following:

• Agriculture • Banking and Financial Services • Business Services • Civil Society and Democracy
• Communications • Construction • Debt Relief • Education • Emergency Assistance • Employment
• Energy • Environment • Fishing • Food Aid • Forestry • General Programme Assistance • Government Administration • Health • Housing • Industry • Mineral Resources and Mining • Multi sector• NGO Support• Peace Building • Population and Reproductive Health • Rural development • Social Services
• Tourism • Trade Policy and Regulations • Transport • Unspecified • Urban development • Water Supply and Sanitation

Development Effectiveness

› Aid Effectiveness › Capacity Development › Civil Society › Globalization › Governance

Human Development

› Culture and Development › Gender and Development › Indigenous Issues › Youth for Development


> Environment and Development › Urban Development › Water Resources Management
Health and Nutrition
› Food Security › HIV/AIDS › Population and Reproductive Health


› E-learning › Open Educational Resources
Economic Development
› Business Environment › Foreign Direct Investment › Knowledge Economy › Micro finance › Poverty
› Trade and Development

Technology and Development

› E-government › Information and Communication
Technologies for Development
› Nano technology for Development
Disaster and Conflict
› Disaster Prevention & Response › Stabilization & Reconstruction › Post war Reconstruction
› Post war Relief and Recovery

Regional Interest

› African, Arab, South-Asian Socio-Economic Reforms › China market

Why SEMFO Global Plan?

1. Contemporary subject and theories of Economics presented by economists, experts, officials etc have been failed which led to the recent global economic recession. Therefore there is need to restructure the overall worldwide economic system based on ground realities. I challenge that my SEMFO Global Plan is the best and only replacement.

2. You need the best analysis and advice to avert the recession risk
Besides providing its own introduced SEMFO Global Plan based strategy, SGPP avails the services of local and international consultants and experts who have extensive experience applying sophisticated state-of-the-art economic tools and methods such as:

• socio-economic management
• budget making (deficit free theory)
• benefit-cost analysis
• input-output analysis
• tariff and pricing models
• financial statement modeling
• discounted cash flow
• net present value/adjusted present value/dynamic present value
• econometrics
• simulation

3. You need analysis and advice that is based on your country's economic environment, industry, your decision options and your opportunities.

SGPP provides specialized and innovative research based plan in providing economic advisory services to the energy, infrastructure, food, environmental and financial services sectors.

4. Your staff needs to improve their economic decision-making capabilities
SGPP provides SEMFO Global Plan based courses and training in strategic decision-making, financial literacy, project economics, financial analysis and socio-economic management and business assessment. Participants would appreciate these courses highly for their comprehensiveness, brevity, rigor, ease of understanding, and rapid deployment capability.

5. You need analysis and advice you can use immediately and wisely, SGPP's plans are clear, comprehensive, geared to implementation and workable.

6. You need analysis and advice that meets your schedule, budget and priorities

SGPP always meets plan or project requirements on time and on budget. Our clients will be more than happy to confirm that. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

SEMFO Global Plan

• SEMFO (Socio-Economic Management Formula) is amid at providing structural strength and profiteering results to ailing economies in any region of the world.

The said plan would be a Global Model for any country, economy or organization.

• Through the said SEMFO Plan, it is possible to enable any country to draft their Deficit Free Federal Budget despite stern domestic or international economic conditions.

• By presenting the said plan I would like to promote this idea that besides government, people from all walks of life should get ahead to get their country out of such crisis-like situation.

• That is why SEMFO project will work as a professional international think-tank. The SEMFO based think tank would offer services to countries for their economic competence as well as organizations/companies/groups to tackle recession and yielding new versions of profit coupled with a very effective excellent image building.

• SEMFO plan based think tank will involve both governmental and private sectors in implementing required up-to-date socio-economic strategy.

• SEMFO Plan will enable any country to get rid of trade, fiscal and social sector deficit. It will be in case of any business, corporate, developmental and professional organization or group too.

• It would enable any country or organization with immediate emergency liquidity (funding flow) to tackle their liquidity problems and default threat, no matter what extent of amount is required. In developing or poor economies, lack of such finance/liquidity always enforces them to contact the IMF and other financial bodies.
On the other hands in developed countries, this liquidity problem leads to extensive unemployment, less production activities, high inflation and rise in taxes. With SEMFO plan, there would be no need to rely only on the IMF or World Bank for any country’s own fiscal and economic budget making, while these donors and agencies like the IMF, WB, and ADB etc will be taken on board as Friendly Economic & Monetary Advisors instead of the merely Loan Providing Sources.

SEMFO Plan can enable developed countries to avoid extensive unemployment, tax rising and high inflation situation.

• SEMFO would assist the IMF, World Bank and such other institutions/organizations to chalk out a workable strategy in recession effected countries to revive their economies by following realistic plans in line with a country’s own socio-economic environment. While a fund raising plan can be implemented for the international funding agencies to enable them with plenty of funds. This is possible because of my SEMFO-oriented lobbying & image building strategy.

• SEMFO Plan would slash high inflation rate gradually at very low level. Besides this SEMFO Plan would add more strength to currency value, and in case of organization /company to their market/ product / service value will be strengthened.

* SEMFO plan would increase a country’s GDP growth rate from lower stage in short period.
* SEMFO plan would overcome current account deficit besides domestic and foreign reserves problems by implementing a Constant Reserves Policy. Domestic and foreign investment would be brought at a very lucrative level.

• By implementing the said SEMFO Plan, there would be no need to slash a huge developmental amount from budget; instead of this, a country’s budget would have adequate finance for social and development programs.

• SEMFO would enable people with a stable and positive purchasing power while a specific country will be able to get the image of an investment heaven country. Providing international image building and lobbying will be part of SEMFO Plan‘s strategy in this regard to attract large number of local and foreign investors under secure environment.

• SEMFO plan can help to prepare a "Credible Recovery Plan" of a specific country for submitting them before international donor agencies, countries and monetary organizations like the IMF, WB etc as well as their domestic banks or agencies. This would enable a country to acquire credible monetary and economic status and to get rid of heavy domestic and foreign debts’ burden.

• While adopting the proposed SEMFO plan, a country and organization would be part of an international Food and Energy Resources Generating and Planning Campaign. Being part of that campaign, a country or organization would be able to get its own profit in terms of food, energy and financial benefits besides having their global share towards Social Responsibility Performance.

As the above-mentioned plan is a GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC MODEL, I offer my formula plan to help all countries and organizations of the world confronting either the worst or less global recession.

Presently SEMFO Pakistan Model and SEMFO African Model are under consideration for providing practical and profiteering solutions for their socio-economic betterment.



• Through the said SEMFO Plan, I would enable Pakistan to draft Deficit Free Federal Budget despite stern domestic and international economic conditions.

• By presenting the said plan I would like to set the example that besides government, people from all walks of life should move ahead to get the country out of such crisis-like situation without any political or vested interest.

• SEMFO plan is aimed at enabling strong lobbying & image building strategy throughout the world for Pakistan with the help of private sector.

• My proposed SEMFO Plan will enable Pakistan to get rid of trade, fiscal and social sector deficit.

• It will enable Pakistan with immediate emergency liquidity funding to tackle the default threat. In the face of Pakistan’s recent requirement for around USD: 6 to 9 billion's funds during November 2008 for which Pakistan had to opt for the IMF Loan Facility finally, such funding is possible through the SEMFO plan.

• With SEMFO Plan, there would be no need to rely only on the IMF or World Bank for Pakistan’s own fiscal and economic budget making, while these donors and agencies like the IMF, WB, ADB and Friends of Pakistan will be engaged as Pakistan's Economic Development Friendly Advisors instead of the only Loan Providing Sources.

• SEMFO formula would help Pakistan to avert any default situation in international market (as it is due in February 2009 because of a due payment against USD: 500 billion's Euro Bonds).

• SEMFO Plan would enable Pakistan to generate funds of about USD: 40 to 50 billion for three and five years' fiscal period.

• SEMFO Plan would slash high inflation rate. For example from recent/current inflation rate of 17% can be slashed to 2% (Over all 25% to 4%), Poverty rate of current 40% can be decreased to 15% and gradually at very low level. Besides this SEMFO Plan will make more than 50% increases in currency value.

• SEMFO would increase Pakistan’s GDP growth rate from 3-4% to 25% and 50% onward in short period.

• My plan would enable the ongoing current account deficit of 15% to around 5%, Pakistani reserves will be more than USD: 10 billion constant for five years, foreign remittances of Pakistani abroad will be turned into attractive investment plan which would enable Pakistan to have about USD: 15-20 billion reserves in account.

• According to the said SEMFO Plan, Pakistan would not need to slash a huge amount of 60 to 100 billion rupees instead of this our budget would provide more than 100 billion rupees for development projects.

• Stable and positive purchasing power for all Pakistanis with an investment heaven image of Pakistan is the focus with this plan.

• I also offer to prepare a "Credible Recovery Plan" of Pakistan for international donor agencies, countries and monetary organizations like the IMF, WB etc as well as domestic agencies to get Pakistan out of 700 billion rupees outstanding amount, which Pakistan has to pay.

• I am quite sure that by implementing this plan, Pakistan would not only become more economic power in the region but would be a leading Food and Energy Resources Generating and Planning country of the world.

(Note: Statistics quoted above are based on October-November 2008’s statistics).

About Moderator(s)

Saeed Khan Abbasi:Chairman/Chief Executive/Owner

Saeed Khan Abbasi is from Karachi Pakistan (South Asia), with Socio-Economic, Media and Lobbying skills.Saeed Abbasi has been engaged with print & electronic media News & Current Affairs responsibilities with different news papers and later on with a local private satellite television channel in Karachi (Pakistan). He has extensive experience of community development and socio-economic analysis, while despite lack of resources he researched and announced a unique Socio-Economic Management Formula (SEMFO) Plan to confront recession. Presently he is engaged with lunching his proposed SEMFO Plan theory as a global consultancy think-tank to provide services all over the world.


Ms.Natasha Paracha: Managing Director/Global Ambassador for the SEMFO Plan

Natasha Paracha graduated from the University of California Berkeley in 2005 with honors in Political Science and Business. She was the founding member of the Pakistani Students Association at UC Berkeley in 2002. Natasha Paracha is also the founder of a non-profit called Vision of Development in which the goal is to reach out to the poverty stricken regions in Pakistan.Alongside her academic achievements, Natasha is also the winner and participants of some international fashion pageants. She will compete internationally representing the country of Pakistan.Ms. Paracha is the Chairman of Pakistani Affairs with the International Renewable Energy Organization at the United Nations. She is partnering Saeed Khan Abbasi in his SEMFO Global Plan Project as the Managing Director.

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Economic Stress Can Cause Health Problems

Posted By admin On March 12, 2009 @ 10:59 am In Health

A bad economy can take its toll on the heart with increased stress, poor eating and forgoing healthful activities like going to the gym when money is tight. UCLA cardiologists suggest the following tips to help protect the heart during this time of financial uncertainty.

Adults: 10 Healthy Heart Tips in a Bad Economy

—Avoid salty, fatty food: To save money, eat out at restaurants less and cook at home from scratch eating simple fresh foods.
—Don’t skimp on healthcare: If prescription costs are a concern, check with your doctor since many pharmaceutical companies offer lower cost prescription programs.
—Keep up the exercise: Even if you have to drop your gym membership due to costs, participate in inexpensive options like walking in the neighborhood or swimming.
—Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke: It’s better for your heart and wallet to quit smoking since it’s an expensive habit. Smoking markedly increases the risk of heart attacks and heart failure.
— Reduce stress: Spend more time with family and friends. The key to keeping stress from harming your health lies in finding a positive outlet, like exercise, or meditation.
—Get your cholesterol checked: The only way to know if you have a healthy cholesterol level is to get it checked. High cholesterol does not cause any symptoms until it is too late.
—Maintain a healthy cholesterol level: The ideal level for your LDL (“bad” cholesterol) is less than 100. Certain individuals need to achieve even lower LDL cholesterol levels.
—Get your blood pressure checked: Many patients with hypertension are not aware that they have this condition.
—Maintain a normal blood pressure: Your systolic blood pressure should be below 140 and your diastolic blood pressure below 90. Certain individuals need to achieve even tighter control of their blood pressure.
—See your doctor: Regular medical follow-up is one of the best ways to keep your heart healthy and avoid problems down the road.

(URL to article:

Our Potential Clients:

Federal/local governments and related governmental, semi-governmental bodies at all levels in any region;

• Private/multi-national or non-governmental companies, organizations, groups, individuals etc;

• Local or international fund providing financial and monetary organizations/institutions who want to protect and ensure their funds they provide to governments or organizations.

SEMFO Global Affiliate Program

SEMFO Global Affiliate Program is meant for over all Socio-Economic betterment in Food, Energy, Poverty Reduction, Education sectors.

The aim of our affiliate program is to set up a global pool of all those countries, organizations, groups and individuals who are mainly engaged with food, energy, poverty reduction and education sectors in any part of the world. In other words this is a B2B global cooperation program aimed at providing Socio-economic and business capacity building.

We invite all of them to join us and tell us that how we can work together in these sectors for the betterment of humanity and global development.

For details and contact:

Saeed Khan Abbasi
Socio-Economic, Blogging, Lobbying & Image Building Expert
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