Friday, April 17, 2009

SEMFO Global Plan

• SEMFO (Socio-Economic Management Formula) is amid at providing structural strength and profiteering results to ailing economies in any region of the world.

The said plan would be a Global Model for any country, economy or organization.

• Through the said SEMFO Plan, it is possible to enable any country to draft their Deficit Free Federal Budget despite stern domestic or international economic conditions.

• By presenting the said plan I would like to promote this idea that besides government, people from all walks of life should get ahead to get their country out of such crisis-like situation.

• That is why SEMFO project will work as a professional international think-tank. The SEMFO based think tank would offer services to countries for their economic competence as well as organizations/companies/groups to tackle recession and yielding new versions of profit coupled with a very effective excellent image building.

• SEMFO plan based think tank will involve both governmental and private sectors in implementing required up-to-date socio-economic strategy.

• SEMFO Plan will enable any country to get rid of trade, fiscal and social sector deficit. It will be in case of any business, corporate, developmental and professional organization or group too.

• It would enable any country or organization with immediate emergency liquidity (funding flow) to tackle their liquidity problems and default threat, no matter what extent of amount is required. In developing or poor economies, lack of such finance/liquidity always enforces them to contact the IMF and other financial bodies.
On the other hands in developed countries, this liquidity problem leads to extensive unemployment, less production activities, high inflation and rise in taxes. With SEMFO plan, there would be no need to rely only on the IMF or World Bank for any country’s own fiscal and economic budget making, while these donors and agencies like the IMF, WB, and ADB etc will be taken on board as Friendly Economic & Monetary Advisors instead of the merely Loan Providing Sources.

SEMFO Plan can enable developed countries to avoid extensive unemployment, tax rising and high inflation situation.

• SEMFO would assist the IMF, World Bank and such other institutions/organizations to chalk out a workable strategy in recession effected countries to revive their economies by following realistic plans in line with a country’s own socio-economic environment. While a fund raising plan can be implemented for the international funding agencies to enable them with plenty of funds. This is possible because of my SEMFO-oriented lobbying & image building strategy.

• SEMFO Plan would slash high inflation rate gradually at very low level. Besides this SEMFO Plan would add more strength to currency value, and in case of organization /company to their market/ product / service value will be strengthened.

* SEMFO plan would increase a country’s GDP growth rate from lower stage in short period.
* SEMFO plan would overcome current account deficit besides domestic and foreign reserves problems by implementing a Constant Reserves Policy. Domestic and foreign investment would be brought at a very lucrative level.

• By implementing the said SEMFO Plan, there would be no need to slash a huge developmental amount from budget; instead of this, a country’s budget would have adequate finance for social and development programs.

• SEMFO would enable people with a stable and positive purchasing power while a specific country will be able to get the image of an investment heaven country. Providing international image building and lobbying will be part of SEMFO Plan‘s strategy in this regard to attract large number of local and foreign investors under secure environment.

• SEMFO plan can help to prepare a "Credible Recovery Plan" of a specific country for submitting them before international donor agencies, countries and monetary organizations like the IMF, WB etc as well as their domestic banks or agencies. This would enable a country to acquire credible monetary and economic status and to get rid of heavy domestic and foreign debts’ burden.

• While adopting the proposed SEMFO plan, a country and organization would be part of an international Food and Energy Resources Generating and Planning Campaign. Being part of that campaign, a country or organization would be able to get its own profit in terms of food, energy and financial benefits besides having their global share towards Social Responsibility Performance.

As the above-mentioned plan is a GLOBAL SOCIO-ECONOMIC MODEL, I offer my formula plan to help all countries and organizations of the world confronting either the worst or less global recession.

Presently SEMFO Pakistan Model and SEMFO African Model are under consideration for providing practical and profiteering solutions for their socio-economic betterment.

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