Friday, April 17, 2009

About SEMFO Global Plan Project (SGPP)

SEMFO Global Plan Project (SGPP) provides socio-economic analysis and decision support strategy based services to help you make the most excellent and updated socio-economic or business decisions. SGPP uses innovative SEMFO Global Plan structured to maximize an economic stability, and in case of business a possible return on investment even during the recession.
Salient features of SEMFO Global Plan:

@ SEMFO Global Plan has been announced in the face of recent domestic & international economic recession that happened during November 2008 and onward.

@ Through SEMFO Global Plan, it is possible to take any economy/country or organization out of even bad recession situation ranking them among the top class successful competitors.

@ SEMFO Global Plan is able to over come financial/trade deficit despite stern conditions by enabling extensive liquidity (funding) strength of a country or organization.

@ SEMFO Global Plan can enable any country or organization to make their budget Deficit Free and covering some new or emerging markets/clients etc.

@ SEMFO Global Plan would work on Energy, Food and Poverty Reduction, thereby exploring more benefits and business generating possibilities for a country or organization worldwide.

@ SEMFO Global Plan is an effective tool for domestic, regional and international lobbying and image building for a specific country or organization.

We enable your country or organization to:

• Adopt a complete recession proof strategy, opening new horizons of economic development and markets, particularly to utilize the new strategy in Energy, Food and Poverty reduction.

• Draft and operate new or on-going plans/ projects to mitigate risk and maximize investment return.
• Develop new economic or business strategies in order to overcome the uncertainties in your economy or business environment.
• Provide formal reports and expert testimony to meet regulatory requirements.
• Introduce your country or products and services locally and all over the world with an effective lobbying & image building strategy.
• Value environmental impacts and assess economic sustainability.
• Justify plans/projects
o to corporate and political leaders
o to local & foreign financial institutions/donors
o to public stakeholders
• Meet local and international socio-economic or business criteria of banks and international financial institutions, you have to interact with for your funding/liquidity requirements.
• Train your experts or staff how to understand the on-going socio-economic or financial business plans, evaluate the economics of projects and make strategic socio-economic and business decisions.

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