Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blogging Foreign Relations: Global Showcase

International or foreign relations got the top most importance on global agenda. World is experiencing a new era of changes in foreign relations with emerging Socio-economic transformation.

I cannot stay away from this important spectrum where blogging stands well too, so I am launching a new version of foreign affairs/relations blogs through this blogging hub.

You will soon see more updates on the present international affairs/foreign relations.

In a first step, I tried to approach Senator Mushahid Hussein Sayed of Pakistan who is the Chairman of Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee and an international affairs’ expert too. His views on the current state of foreign relations can be weighed as an authentication.

He was much pleased to know about my foreign affairs blogs plan and gave his consent to express something on this important issue, but unfortunately, despite our several telephonic conversations on 11th and 12th of September 2009 he had to stay away because of his much busy schedule in Karachi. I was really annoyed of this situation but had to compromise.

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  1. thanks mr saeed khan abbasi i really like your blog and i hope that you will keep it up
    thanks to share and keep it update